With VERIFIA identity and access management platform, you’ll have one identity space to manage internal users, external staff, as well as privileged accounts.

Effective identity management

A clear, concise, and above all up-to-date records of user permissions and accesses to your systems.

Increase of security

By managing and monitoring privileged accounts, you will have a very detailed overview of who accesses your environment and your applications and what operations they perform there.

Automated solution

With automation you will save costs, which have been connected with the lengthy and sometimes unnecessary setting of user rights until now.

Identities under control

Audit and reporting of all changes, permission settings in the identity management and the individual permissions.

Identity Management System

IDM for identity lifecycle management. The system automates identity management, sets approval workflow rules, and audits any changes and settings. The system also includes a user self-service to reset passwords, enter and approve access request or permissions. Through the architecture of connecters, identity profiles on connected systems are managed and data consistency is managed and audited.

Access Management System

AM system for authentication management. The system provides connected applications with a central and multi-factor authentication service and an SSO with connections to available identity providers such as NIA, BankID, Office 365, Google, Facebook, IIP, Data Boxes, and more.

Privileged Identity and Access Management System

P(IM/AM) system for managing privileged accounts (admin, service, supplier, external, application, etc.). The system manages and audits all user accesses and permissions to privileged accounts. Organization resources are always accessed through a Privileged Access Workstation, and all privileged user sessions are recorded in the form of video, recording of operations performed, and recorded screens.

In the past, we faced the issue of a decentralised approach to identities. Now we have an automated and centralized system for managing users and their roles thanks to Verifia.
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